2. Yesterday’s shenanigans.

  3. She loves me.

  4. Random 12am trips to the beach are completely worth 4 hours of driving.

  5. bobbyism:

    My A-1.

    So many feelings.

  6. bobbyism:

    "I luh ya papi."

    Luh you more.

  7. Can we just take a second and appreciate the beauty of this Scabal ABBEYDALE tuxedo? Just gorgeous. 

  8. What happens when you let friends use your camera.

  9. Old man crows feet.

  10. Good food, great people, and amazing beer.

  11. Ready for whatever.

  12. Life’s too short to not dress well, eat good, or laugh hysterically.

  13. Happy coincidence. Kelis on one page, Al Sharpton on the other holding up the fist.

  15. Honored to be invited to The Highers and Outland Cigars event. check out what we learned at http://t.co/eA41fpoclm