1. Coffee with the boys, we all wore blue today.

  2. test shots with Lu always come out perfect.

    merci mon ami.

  3. Snippts and favorites from my last shoot.

    The always beautiful Toni.

  4. No woe today.


  5. Anonymous said: You're really handsome bro

    preciate it bro.

    - 3 hunna

  6. My new ABBEYDALE RTW 2 button Naples Blue suit. 

    oh happy day!

  7. My new baby. Naples Blue ABBEYDALE 2 button notch lapel suit.


  8. Anonymous said: What kind of relationship do you and Lu bobby have?

    The type were we constantly push each other to be better.

  9. To those we loved and lost on this day, we honor your memory, and carry you all with us. Today isn’t about what we lost, but to remember that caring for other human being is apart of being human. R.I.P. Hector Luis Tirado, Jr., Engine 23.

  10. Made my favorite Lu Bobby this custom ABBEYDALE dress shirt.

    -  2” Mandarin Collar

    - Hidden Buttons

    - Navy Chambray

    - Mother of Pearl Buttons

    I’m still menswear only, but an exception had to be made…


  11. Anonymous said: What's woe mean

    It means google it.


  12. Anonymous said: Why did you cut your beard? :(

    Ask myself the same thing everyday. Woe.


  13. Anonymous said: Do you have a girlfriend?

    Nope, but I did get a Barnes and nobles gift card. So I have that going for me.