1. boys will be men.

  2. Happy Tuesday.



  3. Anonymous asked: You're mind consuming. A bit of perfection compared to today's selection. It's appreciated.

    I’m hardly perfect. But thank you for the kind words.

  4. 4-21-14

  5. Apparently all I do is sit down.

  6. ABBEYDALE Navy Pinestripe Peak Lapel suit.

  7. Morning.

  11. I’m a lucky man.

  12. Coming to you live from under covers.


  13. Anonymous asked: What's the best part of being in love?

    Laying in bed all day laughing.

  14. updated the store for spring. enjoy!


  15. Anonymous asked: I love your music taste, plus you're very easy on the eye.

    Aww, thanks, and thanks. I appreciate that! Nothing like compliments from complete, anonymous strangers on the internet, what’s more honest than that?